BD-4X Digital Bass Driver

If you are looking for the missing notes but can’t find them. Look no further because the BD-4X will find them for you. Whether your interest is in Classical, in Jazz or any music missing those low frequency notes the BD-4X will restore those long lost missing bass notes, with amazing accuracy and clarity.

  • Bass Driver
  • Bass Equalization Circuit
  • RFM Subsonic Filter Switch
  • Bass Output Control
  • Para-Bass Control
  • Dash Mount Remote Control
  • Bass Maximize Indicator
  • Dash Remote Control
Model BD-4X
Maximum Input Level 15V RMS
Maximum Input Level 13.5V Peak
Frequency Response 10hz-100khz; +/- 1dB
Output Impedance 150 ohms
S/N Ratio -130dB
Recommend Fuse Rating 1 Amp
Balanced Input Noise Rejection >60dB
Power Supply High Headroom PWM
Power Draw 1Amp
MSRP $180
EF-750 Equalizer

Maximize the sound quality of your vehicle...
The EF-750 series parametric equalizers give you total control. The EF-750 features auxiliary input to hook up to a DVD player, iPod or VCR along with four bands of parametric EQ control, master volume/fader controls and 7V RMS line output. Take total control of your system with this easy to use EQ.




  • 4 Band Parametric EQ with +/- 18dB Boost / Cut
  • Active Gain Pre-Amplifiers with Adjustable Input Sensitivity
  • Master Volume / Fader Control
  • Subwoofer level Control
  • Subwoofer Frequency Adjustable
  • 7 V RMS RCA line out
  • Individual Left and Right Sensitivity Controls
  • Specific Bandwidth for each Band Plus High Frequency Shelving
  • On-board 30V Bipolar Switching Power Supply
  • Gold Plated RCA input/output Connectors
  • Input Radio/CD select Switch
  • Night Illumination
  • Auxiliary Input / Ideal for iPod
  • Subwoofer Frequency Range (30hz – 120hz)
Model Description Max Power MSRP
EF-750 4 Band EQ Auxiliary Input $150
IF-4VU VU Gage Display Indi-Glow Sound Level Meter
  • Deluxe aluminum black panel
  • Backlight display of blue / orange LED color, dim/ bright control
  • Sound level meter
  • Battery voltage and temperature level meter
Model IF-4VU
Dimension 178mm x 120mm x 50mm
Display analog (VU) meters
Temperature display 0 ‘C~90 ‘C
Voltage display DC 5V~DC18V
Volume display -20dB ~ +3dB
MSRP $105
IF-LC2R(with remote turn-on)  Hi-Lo Converter
The IF-LC2R is an electronic interface used to convert speaker level output to low-level RCA output, with maximum 59-watt input. The IF-LC2R will convert any speaker (hi-level) level output to an adjustable RCA (low-level) level output, 2-Channel. Enclosed in a small plastic housing the IF-LC2R can be installed in any location. Compatibility includes GM Bose/Monsoon, FORD Premium/MACH, CHRYSLER Infinity, TOYOTA JBL audio system and many more. Use it to integrate an aftermarket 2-channel amplifier.