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Interfire, Inc., was established in 1995 as a high end car audio company that sought out to be the envy of its competitors, and to this day has proudly done so. Interfire is dedicated to all the SPL competitors, audiophiles, cruisers, racers and all music lovers out on the open road enjoying music the way It’s originally meant to be heard; Loud & Clear. Whether you are looking for precise audiophile grade amplification or just real big hard-hitting power, we got it all covered. Interfire has always innovated new products and continues to push the car audio industry with its unmatched sound and time proven quality. Along with its expanding car audio line, Interfire is pleased to announce a new product line to its brand name: Public Address Audio. With the addition of these new products, Interfire continues to push audio into new directions and develop products to fit your wants and needs. Whether you want a system for your vehicle or a public address system for your work place, we have what you’re looking for.

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