Interfire is a brand name that has been strong in the 12 volt industry for 16 years. Interfire has changed the game of car audio time and time again with its break through designs while creating unmatched power, sound, and audiophile accuracy. With the success of the car audio line, Interfire has decided to add new speakers into their line-up: Horn speakers, horn drivers, ceiling speakers, and column speakers.

Interfire is dedicated to providing the most crystal clear sound while delivering unparalleled quality in every product that is produced and these new speakers were produced with the consumers needs and wants in mind. These new speakers can be used for a variety of applications such as public address systems for schools, airports, commercial building, and shopping centers, and can also be used for home audio, commercial vehicles, boats, large ships, and even emergency vehicles. With a broad spectrum of what these speakers can be used for, your possibilities are endless. Interfire Audio continues to be successful because of you: the consumers. We are confident that we can cover you are looking for and we will always be here to support our customers and dealers. Have a question? Feel free to contact us at 1-877-90-AUDIO.